I have suffered for many years with chronic tension headache and am taking significant medication to try and manage it. As with most pain sufferers I have gone through the gamut of alternative treatments and stumbled upon the Cefaly by accident. I am used to using a TENS machine on my neck and shoulders, so had the confidence to give the Cefaly a try.

I have now used the Cefaly everyday, twice a day, including the Arnold strap for the back of my head and am definitely seeing improvements. In that time I have managed not to take any OTC pain killers where normally I'd have taken them around 5 or 6 times. This is a boon.

I have continued with the Cefaly as it does cause tinnitus* for me. When I stop using Cefaly it goes away and returns when I start using it again. However, the benefits are far outweighing that one side-effect.

So, despite the tinnitus, if you do have anyone else complain about it I would certainly recommend they persevere with it for a good two weeks to see if they get any improvement in their headaches before giving in to the tinnitus which may end up being acceptable given the benefits.

Jonathan Michaelson (member of the 0.04% club)

*Cefaly study into side effects that was carried out, 1 reported case (0.04%) of patients reporting tinnitus appearing during some sessions.


Mary Padfield says: “I have suffered physically, emotionally and financially from migraine for over 30 years, triggered by stress and diet (alcohol, chocolate, cheese). I relied totally on medication and tried everything to help it, all to no avail.
“Cefaly had an almost immediate effect, reducing the number of migraines I got to the point where I hardly have ever at all and can now lead a normal life.”

Tabitha Padfield says: “I used to suffer from full blown migraines – fortification spectra, violent headache and nausea – which made my life unbearable. But Cefaly has changed all that, working quickly to reduce their frequency and intensity. It has been nothing short of a miracle.”


‘‘I have had migraines since I was 15 and tried diet, acupuncture, physio as well as various medications to cure it. At their worst I was having around 15 migraines a month.
‘Cefaly has taken the edge off the pain and helps to ease the foggy head, tremor, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting to the extent that I’ve been able to go back to work. It hasn’t cured me entirely but it’s enabled me to cope and improved my quality of life,’- MICHELLE AUSTIN, Lancashire.


‘Cefaly II is easy to charge, beautifully small, portable and the magnet works perfectly. It’s also much quieter and therefore overall, less intrusive.
“The new pads seem to have much greater stickiness than the old ones and so work more effectively. The sensation is much more intense but overall, the device is much more comfortable to wear - a remarkable improvement,’ – JANE EBEL, Hampshire


"I needed help with my migraines but was extremely worried about possible side effects of medication on my unborn baby - and Celafy seemed to provide the safest, most effective alternative. Easy to use and it worked because I did not suffer one migraine throughout my pregnancy. Because of Cefaly I could enjoy my pregnancy, just like any other mum-to-be,"– BECKI ROGERSON, Cheshire.


"Cefaly II is certainly an improvement - lighter and easier to use, I particularly like the removal of the 'headband', as this makes it more comfortable to wear, especially during an attack. I sometimes even forget that I'm wearing it! And it’s now rechargeable which means I can take it with me on any trip.Using Cefaly has really helped me manage my migraines, not only reducing the number of attacks but also their severity. Instead of being completely incapacitated for an entire day, I can now function after a few hours. I would recommend it to any migraine sufferer." - BRITTANY MAHER-KIRK, London .