Cefaly® Dual

2 settings
• 1 setting for acute migraine treatment
• 1 setting for migraine prevention

Cefaly Dual device. 2 settings: • 1 setting for acute migraine treatment • 1 setting for migraine prevention

Introducing - CEFALY DUAL - Available NOW

Following evidence gathered over the years, several technical advances have been made in recent years to the Cefaly We now introduce a new version – The Cefaly DUAL – which is much more efficient than previous models of Cefaly The recent publication of the ACME study, along with previous studies has demonstrated the efficacy and safety of the new Cefaly® DUAL for the acute treatment of migraine attacks Effective 4th January 2019 BHR will offer only the Cefaly® DUAL which contains 2 settings: An improved acute mode – setting 1 (now 1 hour per session) and the existing prevention mode. – setting 2 (remains at 20 minutes per session) The 3rd setting (sedative effect) has been removed as both setting 1 and 2 has the sedative effects, allowing Cefaly to focus on managing Migraine

Cefaly® Dual Set Includes:
Cefaly® Dual device
Detailed instruction manual
Cefaly® electrode
Skin-cleansing wipe
Storage case
Power adapter + cable

About Cefaly® Dual:
The Cefaly® Dual device is a neurostimulator that is applied to the forehead using a self-adhesive electrode positioned bilaterally over the upper branches of the trigeminal nerve. The Cefaly® Dual device uses electric impulses that are delivered to the main branch of the trigeminal nerve to prevent and treat pain in the head area. This method can replace or considerably reduce the consumption of painkilling medication and helps to find a better quality of life.

Long Term Patient Compliance:
Collected data on 14,745 migraine patients who use the Cefaly® device for more than 3 months (between 4 and 19 months) reveals a long-term compliance of 72.4%; much better than for oral preventative migraine medication.

60 Day Cooling-Off Period:
If within 60 days you find that you did not see benefit from Cefaly Dual please return the device to BHR in Nuneaton. Only products returned in their entirety and including the device, case and charger and in their original packaging can be accepted for return. Items missing will not be refunded. (All items are disposed of using correct disposal procedures as per our Standard Operating Procedures for environmental disposal of electrical items) We will refund £280. BHR retains £56 to dispose of the product safely. This option applies only to online sales to consumers.

2 settings:
• 1 setting for acute migraine treatment
• 1 setting for migraine prevention